ܝܠܘܿܦ ܠܘܼܫܢܐ ܕܟܠܕܝܐ


Chaldean Neo-Aramaic is a semitic language that traces its origins back to Ancient Babylon, in what is now Iraq. Since the fall of the empire, the Chaldean people have suffered horrible atrocities at the hands of foreigners, and have been displaced from their homes. Due to this, the language of the Chaldeans has seen a heavy decline in its usage. The purpose of this site is to teach and preserve the Chaldean language for generations both present and future.


Chaldean made simple. Our lessons go through each part of the language, starting with the alphabet and vocabulary and expanding into more complex grammar. This is great for those who are looking for an in-depth understanding of Chaldean Neo-Aramaic


For more broad explanations of Chaldean Neo-Aramaic concepts, our resources do the trick. With pages on the alphabet, numbers, and more coming soon, our resources are a great way to gain a broad understanding of the language. 


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