Chaldean is Read From Right-to-Left
While English is read going from the left side of the page to the right, Chaldean is the opposite in that it's read going from the right side of the page to the left.
Chaldean Vowels Are Diacritical
While the vowels of English are their own letters in the alphabet, Chaldean vowels are expressed as dots placed in specific positions onto consonants. For instance, two dots placed above the letter Beth (ܒܵ → ܒ) would turn the "b" sound into a "ba" sound.
Chaldean Script is Connected
While English letters are written as separate symbols on a page, the majority of Chaldean letters connect to the letter in front of them. This connection is referred to as the "writing line," and the letters that do not connect to those in front of them are those that do not continue the writing line.